T H I C K   S K U L L
It's a brisk, blustery November afternoon and I'm standing across the street from the Hudson Amtrak Station with a steaming hot cup of Chai tea in my hand. The reason I
am here is because I've made a slight detour on my way to New York City, a decision that I'm beginning to regret as I begin to lose the feeling in my fingers and feet. My
intention was to spend a few hours photographing some of the landmarks of my childhood, not with an expensive, professional digital SLR camera, but with my new
Apple iPhone. Many of the buildings I've come to document have fallen or been torn down, yet some remain, with the added patina of neglect or disrepair. I'm surprised
to find Rogerson's Hardware is still in business and that Frankie Martino still owns and is tending bar at the State Bar & Grill. I discover that my best buddy from the old
neighborhood, Pete, is now the city's building code inspector. And there is much I don't recognize because Hudson has undergone an urban gentrification. Magazine
articles tout it as the new SoHo or Brooklyn. As for myself, I prefer to remember it as the shithole it was. I was born and raised in Hudson, New York and although it
wouldn't have been my first choice, this is where my memories are. I hope you enjoy looking at them.      
© copyright Michael Price Photography 2020