What's your real name?
Miguel Cuenta. My father was Hungarian and my mother Portuguese. In kindergarten I decided to "Americanize" myself and change my name.

How many Instagram followers do you have?
The last time I checked, six. My brother Steve was one of them, so maybe five real followers.

What you would title your biopic?
"The Last Temptation of Price"

Most memorable assignment?
"The World's Largest Nude Wedding" in Ochos Rios, Jamaica, which I shot for The London Daily Mail. My eyeball got scratched by a rose bouquet, which
was extremely painful.
It could have been worse if the bride was holding the flower arrangement any lower.

Who were your photography influences?
Harry Benson and my father, who had one of the first Polaroid Land Cameras. I have to also add Lenny Bruce, who wasn't a photographer, but still
a big influence.

Person whose portrait you'd like to take?
Frank Zappa, but that's not possible, unless you consider his hologram a person.

Advice for someone looking to starting a career in photography?
Don't bother.

Worst photographic nightmare?
Prince Philip. He told me I wasn't a very good photographer. Burt Reynolds disliked me as well. I'm sure there were others.

Digital or Film?
I prefer boxers (Tommy Hilfiger).

Do you have a favorite photograph?
The one that comes to mind is the Catholic priest who I got to wear my Lily Pulitzer jacket while standing in the middle
of St. Edward's Church in Palm Beach.

Do you have a motto?
"As sands through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives."