From the desk of Michael I. Price

    I was once a photographer. I knew about apertures and shutter
    speeds. I could develop film and make black & prints in the darkroom.
    I traveled the world on assignments. I met famous and interesting
    people. I ate at Cafe Boulud. Times have changed.

    People want everything for free. "E-mail me that photo," I hear a
    countless times each day. "Don't hold your breath," I want to
    respond. Nobody pays for music, and nobody wants to pay for
    photography either.

    I may sound bitter of cynical, but I'm not. I'm a bit older with a little
    less patience and energy. I'm still capable of making captivating and
    amusing images, but who wants them?

    Every now and then someone refers to me as "a photographer," and
    I have to correct them. "I'm just a monkey with a camera."
    And if you're planning to contact me about an assignment, please be
    clear: Do you want me to use a camera or an iPhone?

    Best wishes for 2015,

    Michael I. Price